Every day sun, pollution, coloring, harsh chemicals, heat

styling, friction from combing, diet, stress and the natural

aging process cause serious damage to your hair making it

limp and lackluster, coarse, tangled, dull, difficult to style and


Now whatever the damage, you can help transform your hair

to perfect health with Ojon™ hair treatments formulated with

nature's golden elixir. This 500-year-old beauty secret was

discovered by Ojon™ founder Denis Simioni in the remote

regions of the tropical rainforest in Central America. The

velvety-smooth, golden elixir is obtained from the nut of the

native Ojon tree and is hand-extracted according to ancient,

eco-friendly traditions. In one year, a single Ojon tree yields

less than 8000 nuts, just enough to produce 3 cups of this

precious natural ingredient. The purity of this precious oil is

what creates its natural affinity for hair.